Wooden Face

Submitted by: Peter ELGAR

Link: http://www.bdpc.co.uk/peter-ellgar.html

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About the photo and the film:

How I look most mornings when Alarm goes off at 0630 to get Daughter to work and Son to School — I used my 1956 AGFA Isolette III + 75mm f3.5 Solinar lens and 1998 outdated ILFORD HP5 that had been in Camera since December 2016 but I used it up on March 15th. Film rated 250 ASA and processed in my ‘Home-Made’ MICROPHEN Formula 1+1 for 11.5 mins @ 20oC. Scanned with Old ( but FREE! ) Epson 1650 flatbed+ Vuescan Pro+ PhotoShop 7