Number Five

Submitted by: Bob Smith


Twitter: @glasunyn

Instagram: @glasunyn

About the photo and the film:

At approximately 12:30 DST we headed out with only 6 exposures remaining in camera. We’ve added 2 small Italian bobby pins internal to the film back to prevent jamming. We’re using expired 2012-04 FP100C in Sarithá’s Polaroid Automatic 100 set to 75 film speed for a bright sunny day selection. The box speed is ASA 100. We suspect this bridge was constructed circa 1900. We insured the lighten/darken setting was on the black triangle. Then took the picture. After development tyme had elapsed, I separated the positive from the negative and observed that the image was a bit under exposed. We then adjusted the lighten/darken 2 ticks lighter. Development tyme @ 70°F is 120 seconds on her mechanical Polaroid timer attached to the leather neck strap. The film was developed by some what slowly pulling the white slip first then the black tab out of the camera. It was held by it’s tab whilst in bright sunlight until 120 seconds elapsed. I quickly separated the positive from the negativ