Puente por encima de Arroyo de la Laguna

Submitted by: Bob Smith

Link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/bobrt/

Twitter: @glasunyn

Instagram: @glasunyn

About the photo and the film:

Notes for #10 Puente por encima de Arroyo de la Laguna (Bridge over the river Laguna) 294 feet above sea level. This was our last shot. We hadn’t planed to even photograph here this late in the week. I wanted to make it count. There were 3 various angles I wanted to shoot with 2 additional cameras and I had to cautiously proceed in my decision. I studied these angles for quite a while without peering through the viewfinder. After deciding whilst setting the rangefinder then viewfinder, I just kept staring at the side to be certain everything was in line. Released the shutter slowly, then climbed up to the roadbed hoping we would have something worthwhile. Ambient temperature held a comfortable 70°F and we tymed the development for ~120 seconds. I rapidly peeled apart the positive from the negative and Sarithá immediately knew that was “the shot”. I wasn’t convinced yet. However, after examining it over a few minutes, I slowly began to understand sincerly wishing we had much