Expired Sunsets are the best Sunsets

Submitted by: Lennard Schmeller

Instagram: @06uhrmorgens

About the photo and the film:

Equipment: Pentax Me Super, 50mm 1.7 Lens. Processing: Expired and crossprocessed Kodak Ektachrome 160ET rated at 50, stored under unknown conditions and expired propably between 1998 and 2006. Development and Scanning by Open Eyes Hamburg. Description: While this may be an ordinary sunset photo for most, it is much more for me. March 15 was nearly the middle point of my snowboard vacation. The utter happyness and enjoyment of the arrival had worn off and the fact that I had to leave way too soon began to push into my mind. The thing with this picture is the following: It didn’t look like this in reality at all. The colors weren’t that vibrant and mountains in the shadows not blue and the clouds not dark. But this picture kind of romanticized my whole memory of the evening and when thinking back I will probably think about the picture and not the actual sunset.