Hotel Silhouette

Submitted by: Lennard Schmeller

Instagram: @06uhrmorgens

About the photo and the film:

Equipment: Pentax Me Super, 50mm 1.7 Lens Processing:Expired and crossprocessed Kodak Ektachrome 160ET, rated at 50. Date of expiration and the type of storage are unknown, but the date probably lies between 1998 and 2006. Developed and scanned by Open Eyes Hamburg. Description: I was on a snowboarding vacation during that week and my girlfriend was patiently waiting for me to get ready for breakfast. To her annoyance I decided to take a picture and prolongue her wait for food even more. Silhouettes always spoke to me visually so this hotel room with the soft and almost transparent curtains was perfect. I wanted to portray her waiting, her face laying in the shadows and her emotions not really readable for the viewer. The cross processing color shifts intensified this surreal look and the heavy grain also goes great with it visually.