Open Door

Submitted by: Dustin Veitch


Twitter: @faultyflipflap

Instagram: @faultyflipflap

About the photo and the film:

I chose expired Kodak Technical Pan (Exp. 1992) to shoot for the way it brings out fine details. Once I loaded it up, all I needed was to find the details and that led me to an abandoned house with this old decaying door. I rated the roll for EI 20 and shot from a tripod with my Canon Elan IIE and Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART lens. Since KTP is naturally contrasty, I developed with Rollei RLC 1+4 for 6 minutes to keep it in check. I was left with stunning negative which printed nicely (Ilford FB Glossy) and with minimal adjustments. After a few test strips and passes of dodging and burning, I finished off the photograph with a dip in the sepia bath. I usually don’t care for sepia but I think it gives off the “expired” feel of aged prints. It also helped tone the fine cracking details in the door.