Girls and Kodak

Submitted by: Takgyver


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About the photo and the film:

Girls and Kodak (as scanned) Gevaert Superchrome, expired July 1948, nitrate base Kodak No.2A Rainbow Hawkeye, single aperture w/Bulb & Instant (approx 1/25 second) Exposed using Instant setting, handheld, f8-ish cloudy day 3 hours in Rodinal 1+100 (blacked-out bathroom, plastic planter box sealed with electrical tape, wrapped in a heavy black garbage bag), Ilford Rapid Fixer The two girls were about to run up to the No.3 Kodak as the “Inner Harbour” exposure was being made. Miraculously, their parents were photographers and recognized what was going on in time to step in. The girls listened ever so patiently to their parents explained how it all worked until the exposure was finished. Then, the parents agreed to this box camera shot to commemorate the moment. The backing paper had merged with the film, and the spool had partially rotted. Salvaged Depression-era box camera repaired with cardboard (mac’n’cheese box), glue, and rubber bands from the produce department.