Contest Submission Form

  • 7 years ago

Submit your images for Expired Film Day 2020! You may submit up to three (3) image; further images will be ineligible.

In your description, be sure to tell us about the film you used, the date you shot the image, when it expired, etc. Did you use it at box speed? What camera did you use? Please tell us how you processed the film, too.

Everything is required. Your email address will not be shared publicly, but might be needed to contact you.

Be sure to check out the full Expired Film Day 2020 page for more information, dates and guidelines.

Note: Submit each of your up to three (3) images separately, please! (View the current submissions here.) Submissions are moderated by hand and may take time to appear in the gallery.

Also note: Maximum image size is 1600px in either dimension. If you need to resize your image files, try out the Pixlr Express web app for easy tweaking (requires Flash, but that also makes sure your images never leave your computer). The maximum file size is also limited to 2mb.

REMEMBER: Your submitted images must be taken March 13-15, 2020 — Expired Film Day weekend!



Thanks for submitting your photos and helping make Expired Film Day a success!

Watch for announcements about next year’s event, including prizes, participation, rules and more!