It’s not a competition

Submitted by: Jason Self

Twitter: @thisJasonSelf

Instagram: @nebofever

About the photo and the film:

I took this on the afternoon of 3/17 on the campus of NC State University in Raleigh, NC. It’s from an old 12 exposure roll of FujiColor HR 1600. I don’t know the expiration date because it was a gift from my Emulsive Secret Santa and had no info enclosed. I guessed at EI 250, and I think it turned out OK. I developed it at home, and there are some sprocket marks on the right, so maybe I didn’t agitate well enough…or maybe it’s an artifact from the film. I made minor adjustments in LR and cleaned up dust spots and sharpened in PS. 📷: Nikon FM3A 🎞: FujiColor HR 1600 Expired: ?? 🎛: EI 250 ⚗️: Unicolor C-41 kit