Carolina Jasmine, Irving, TX 2019

Submitted by: James Cockroft


Twitter: @jam_esc

Instagram: @jamescockroft

About the photo and the film:

I shot this on 1982 vintage Ektachrome 200 D that I received in an Ollie’s Choice box of expired films from the FPP, at EI 100 with the Nikon FG and 50mm f/1.8 E. I reversed the lens and handheld it to get this focus distance. I #saidyotoxpro and developed it at home in a Unicolor C41 kit, also from the FPP, and scanned it with my D7000 and 55mm Micro-Nikkor. Scanning was a pain: for some reason, I get more reflections and light spill with chrome films. Color correction wasn’t any picnic either. All in all, good times.