Peach Blossoms, Irving, TX 2019

Submitted by: James Cockroft


Twitter: @jam_esc

Instagram: @jamescockroft

About the photo and the film:

I shot this on March 16th, on 1982 expired Ektachrome 200D at EI 100 in the Nikon FG with 50mm f/1.8 E reversed and handheld. I #saidyotoxpro and developed at home in a Unicolor C41 kit. Good times. I got some horizontal lines in most of this roll… I think I know why: when film develops a lateral curl (across the sprockets, rather than along them), I roll it emulsion side out and leave it tucked in an old film canister overnight. This roll had a spiral curl, curl running both directions, and I think I rolled it up when it was still a bit wet. Oh well.